Setup and Support

Web-based Administration. Many shopping cart systems require downloading or installing files. With SecureNetShop, you can manage all of your shopping cart settings, orders, reports and customer information 24 hours a day through our secure, web-based administration area. Visit our website shopping cart demo to see what our software is capable of.

Sell Products, Services, or Files (Digital Goods). With the click of a button, you will be able to decide how your shopping cart works, based on the type of goods or services you sell through your web site. Review our Quick Start Instructions to see how easy it is to get started. You can sell products, services, files or all three at once!

Sub-user Accounts. Create sub-user accounts for employees and limit their access to specific areas of the administration area. This comes in handy when you need someone to retrieve your daily orders but do not want them to be able to change your cart settings or view private information.

Web Development Software Compatible. Our shopping cart is 100% compatible with web site development software (e.g., Dreamweaver®, FrontPage®, Expression Web®).

Free Unlimited Tech Support. Our tech support team is available 7 days a week.

Order Management

Abandoned/Live Carts. View, in real-time, all of the shopping carts that have been created by your customers. You can view any information entered by your customer (e.g., name, telephone, cart items, etc.). You are also provided with the status of all shopping carts, so you know if the cart was abandoned (customer did not complete order) or is still active.

Remote Order Notification. Pass order information from our shopping cart to your server. This is a very powerful feature that allows advanced users to manage order data in any way they prefer.

Other Order Management Features:

  • View all order details within our secure, web-based administration area.
  • Store an unlimited number of orders in our database.
  • Update order information (e.g., customer name, address, etc.).
  • Add staff only and customer visible notes to each order.
  • Print orders as invoices or package slips.
  • Quickly find orders based on date(s), order number, customer name or email address.
  • Easily organize your orders in our folder-based order management system.
  • Assign custom order status levels to each order (e.g., "Your order has been shipped").
  • View data sent back from your payment gateway (e.g., CVV2 match, AVS match).
  • Export orders to a CSV file for fast import into software such as Excel®.
  • Create an invoice and send it, by email, to any email address. Your customer would pay the invoice through the shopping cart.

Digital Goods

Sell files to your customers, such as music, e-books and software. Our standard service plan includes 500MB of data transfer and disk space monthly - at no additional charge.

  • To maintain the highest levels of security, all files are stored on our servers.
  • Encrypted keys allow our system to carefully monitor download activity.
  • Limit the number of times your customers can download a file.
  • Limit the amount of time your customers have to download a file.
  • Your customers can download files immediately after their payment has been processed.
  • Enable/disable sending your customers download instructions and file links by email.

Appearance and Layout

  • Change background, font and section header colors.
  • Upload a background image.
  • Display your company logo at the top of each page.
  • Use any currency symbol.
  • Add custom messages to each page of your shopping cart.
  • Use your own image buttons in the pages of your shopping cart.
  • Display a small image next to each item your customer adds to their cart.

Sales and Reporting

Upselling. When your customers view their shopping cart, related products will be recommended to them. This is a powerful feature that will help increase sales!

Sales Reports. Quickly view gross sales, net sales, sales tax collected, or shipping costs over a period of time. Choose from a variety of reports and formats.

Lead Information. Add a "How did you hear about us?" drop-down box to your shopping cart. This is a great marketing tool that will enable you to determine where your customers are coming from.

Order Tracking. Our order tracking tool allows you to integrate any affiliate tracking or traffic analysis solution within seconds! Connect your Google® Analytics account to your shopping cart with the click of a button!

Gift Certificates

  • Your customers can buy a gift certificate and send it to anyone by email.
  • The recipient can apply the gift certificate when ordering from your website.
  • Orders that exceed the gift certificate balance can be paid using other payment methods.
  • Gift certificate holders can check the balance of their gift certificate at any time.
  • Manage all gift certificates and settings in our secure, web-based administration area.
  • Set the minimum and maximum amount allowed on gift certificates.
  • View, edit and resend any gift certificate that has been purchased.
  • Quickly see which orders were paid for by each gift certificate.

Discounts and Minimums

Minimum Order Amount. Set a minimum order amount that requires customers to reach a specific dollar amount per order. For each product, you can also set minimum and maximum order amounts.

Volume Discounts. Reward your customers for purchasing in volume. Create volume discounts and apply them toward specific items or to an entire order.

Promotional Discounts. Provide select customers with "Customers Codes" that can be used to receive a discount when ordering from your web site. This works great for customer appreciation sales!

Payment Processing

Accept up to 9 methods of payment. Accept credit cards, checks, PayPal® payments, Purchase Orders, COD, telephone, fax and mail orders. Our shopping cart is compatible with the internet's most popular payment gateways.

Recurring Billing. Automatically charge customers at set intervals. You can define the amount, frequency and the number of billing cycles. A reminder notice can also be sent to your customer before they are charged.

Require Security Code. You can require that your customers enter the security code displayed on their credit card (e.g., CVV2 number). This is an excellent way to help insure customers' have physical possession of the credit card they are using.

Control Declined Payments. To help avoid fraud and unnecessary transaction fees, you can limit the number of declined transactions allowed before blocking a customer's IP address. You can also set the amount of time the block is in effect.

Sales Tax Management

Sales Tax Calculation. Our ecommerce cart software will allow you to create an unlimited number of custom sales tax rates for any city, state, province, zip code or country. If you sell to organizations that are not required to pay sales tax, you can provide them with tax exempt codes.

Custom Sales Tax Rates. Create your own custom sales tax jurisdictions.

  • Set jurisdictions by country, state/province, city or zip/postal code.
  • Apply sales tax when billing or shipping address matches.
  • Set the exact rate to charge customers.
  • Create exemption codes for applicable customers.

Shipping Management

Real-time Shipping Rates. Our shopping cart will retrieve all available shipping methods and rates, in real-time, from UPS, USPS and FedEx servers.

  • Create custom labels for all available shipping methods.
  • Designate an offset amount for returned shipping rates.
  • Limit which shipping methods are discountable.
  • Set packaging type, dimensions, drop off location, originating zip code and the maximum weight per box for multi-box shipments.

Custom Shipping Rates. Create your own custom shipping options based on order weight, number of items ordered, order subtotal or flat fee per item. You can also limit shipping options to a one or more states or countries.

  • Create custom labels for each shipping method you create.
  • Offer custom shipping methods by default or as a fallback to real-time shipping rates.
  • Set a base charge for each shipping method.
  • Use easy but powerful threshold settings to fine tune how shipping charges will be calculated.
  • Offer free shipping when a customer's order reaches a set amount.
  • Prevent shipping charges from exceeding a specific charge.

Product Management

  • Add up to 20,000 products to our database.
  • Easily edit all product information within our web-based administration area.
  • Edit product data outside of the administration area with our Import/Export tool.
  • Set a minimum and a maximum quantity amount for each product.
  • Allow customers to add one product to their shopping cart or many products at once.
  • Easily create add-on options for the items you offer (e.g., small, medium, large add $2.00).
  • Accept product quantities as whole numbers (e.g., 1 shirt) or in decimal form (e.g., 1.25 yards).
  • Exclude any product you wish from being charged sales tax (tax exempt).
  • Set specific products so the shopping cart does not display shipping related information.
  • Limit product quantities to any increment amount. For example, only allow quantities that are a multiple of 1.5 (e.g., 1.5, 3, 4.5, etc.).
  • Our shopping cart will track and update available inventory for each product you sell.
  • Set a low inventory warning level and get notified by email if inventory is low.
  • Prevent customers from ordering "out of stock" items.
  • Advanced inventory tracking. For example, track inventory for large, blue shirts separate from small, green shirts.

Customer Management

Order Tracking. Your customers can track the status of their order 24 hours a day! You can provide them with order notes, shipper tracking numbers and order status messages.

Customizable Autoresponders:

  • Easily manage all outbound email messages by creating up to 20 autoresponders!
  • Choose from different events that determine when an email is sent.
  • Set rules that limit outbound emails to specific conditions.
  • Customize the text and format of each email message.
  • Insert the order information of your choice into email messages.
  • Send each email to up to 4 recipients.
  • Customize the text that appears in the "To" and "From" fields.
  • Send emails in plain text or html format.
  • Control where emails are returned in the event they cannot be delivered.
  • Easily enable or disable any outbound email message.
  • Manually re-send autoresponder messages to yourself or customers at any time.

Customer Login. Your customers can create a password protected account, so they can checkout faster next time they order. Their address information will be filled in automatically after signing in. They can also review their order history and change their account settings.

Email Cart. Your customers can send anyone a link to their shopping cart. One person can add items to a cart and the other can pay for the order. It also comes in handy when a customer needs to consult with colleagues, friends or family before finalizing their purchase.