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Shopping Cart Testimonials

The SecureNetShop Shopping Cart solution is exceptionally feature-rich and extremely easy-to-use. The internet's #1 ecommerce shopping cart software is primed to provide you and your customers with a huge array of benefits.

"Hello...I just wanted to tell you that over the years I've tested a LOT of shopping carts and in my opinion, SecureNetShop is by far the best! It just keeps getting better and better. So my thanks for all your hard work, it's really appreciated."

Cindee N.


"I have been using your ecommerce solution for over 3 years, and I have watched it go through some amazing changes. You have listened to your customers and developed a shopping cart that exceeds all expectations. It's simple and easy to use and has all features that a large eStore, like mine, needs.

And in the time I've worked with you, I can say that your customer service and tech support has been exceptional; I can still call and speak to the same person that helped me get started, which is refreshing in the tech industry.

I have been very pleased with my experiences with your company and its products, and I look forward to what the future will bring."

Jason M., Owner
Spy Camera Direct


"I'd like to thank you for such a wonderful product. Sales on my site have tripled in the month since I purchased your shopping cart service. The ease in which I was able to add, edit, or delete products, change settings and add my merchant account info, was incredible. I signed up for three months to "try it out", now I will be purchasing your product for years to come! Thank you."

Chris F.
Diamond Athletes


"After searching for over a year for the right e-commerce solution, I finally found it! As a web developer who works with a lot of ASPs, I have never found a solution that is so easy to implement and that integrates so seamlessly into our sites. For the first time, we didn't have to change our business to fit the software. Most "solutions" create more problems than they solve. Not this one. I highly recommend SecureNetShop to anyone considering shopping cart solutions. Tech support is great too!"

William K., President
Ultimedia International


"Of all the zillions of hosts, utilities, affiliates, etc., that we have used in the last several years, you folks are in a class by yourself! Continued success - you deserve it.

Bill K."
Mail Order Shop


"Dear SecureNetShop, I just thought I would send you a complimentary message to inform you that your online shopping cart is the best online shopping cart business I have seen so far on the internet. I have used your shopping cart business since 2005. I have had no major issues on my shopping cart for my Oxygen Distribution Business. You have provided excellent support when ever needed and I greatly appreciate that. Keep Up the Good Work. I will highly recommend for others to use your services. God bless and have a nice day."

Doctor O.M.
Oxygen for Good Health


"Incomparably exceptional: Those two words undoubtedly express my impression of SecureNetShop's shopping cart. I have been a technical computer professional for twenty-three years and this is the finest shopping cart innovation that I have yet encountered. It is differentiated from so many of the other products by maximum simplicity, functionality, and affordability. This opinion is only in reference to the shopping cart itself and does not even make mention of the people behind the product.

Tens of thousands of dollars and uncountable man-hours that we have spent have been eliminated altogether due to the sincere concern and efforts of the people behind SecureNetShop's shopping cart. It is not any wonder that the product itself is so superior, considering the people who create it.

Two words guys: THANK YOU!"

David S.


"I would like to say that this shopping cart is amazing. I searched for months for a cart that could be flexible and have all the features I needed like customization to fit my site, volume discounts, integration with multiple payment options, and the list goes on. Everything I needed and then some, this cart has it. I'm incredibly thankful for it. It was one of the best business decisions I made about my site, to add this cart. Sales have more than doubled in the first month of use, and now, in the first ten days of the 2nd month of use, I've beaten the sales for the entire last month. The cart gives a more professional look to my business, as well as ease of use, and it obviously matters to clients, the numbers don't lie!"

Frederic P.
I Need Motivation


"Before deciding on a shopping cart solution, I had concerns about visual customization and ease of use. Your shopping cart offered very flexible customization and frankly it was the easiest part of web design for me to complete. I've started working on my second site with you. Great service!


Avery E.
Couture Boutique


"Thank you!

I have to say how impressed I am with SecureNetShop's technical support and customer service. I got great attention to a problem I was having last week, and a fast, positive response to this question.

I appreciate it."

Warm regards,
Sarah B., Bella Luna Toys


"Just wanted you to know... I spent many hours searching for a decent, easy Shopping Cart program. So far, SecureNetShop has done a great job for our company. Sales have recently gained, and so has my satisfaction with your service and support (Jack has helped several times).

Thank you!"

Dennis O.
Managing Member


"I must compliment you on your cart. We have been searching off and on for over a year for a new shopping cart. Yours is by far the best we have seen!"

Dwayne S.


"We have found SecureNetShop extremely easy to integrate into our site - both in terms of functionality and look and feel. We have also had a number of very positive comments regarding the ease of use and the wide variety of payment options. Setting up the on-line merchant account was also very straightforward. The few times that we have had to contact customer support were very positive experiences too. Keep up the great work!"

Tom R.


"Just like to say that after almost 2 years of using the service, it's The Absolute Best on the Market! Customers enjoy the ease of use which contributes to Great Sales! Thanks"

Cedric M.
Aisle 5 Ent.


"Keep up the great work ladies and gentlemen!!!!! We love SecureNetShop and will continue to use and promote it as a premier shopping cart...thanks for all you do to make our jobs easier!"

Sandra & Kurt W., Owners
Old Town Gifts & Collectibles


"I'm very impressed with the simplicity and fast response of your system. In addition, it was much easier to customize the shopping cart pages so they look like the catalog pages on our server. We have already begun to receive orders through SecureNetShop, and all is working very smoothly. Many thanks for an excellent service."

Andrew J., Publisher
Vermont Life Magazine


"I am so glad I decided to go with your service! I'm doing almost twice as much business as I was using my old shopping cart system. I have no doubt that I was losing TONS of business before I switched! Just wish I'd known about you guys about 3 years ago! I'll be using SecureNetShop for all my future projects. Keep up the great work!"

Glenn C.
Gorilla Website


"Great! Thanks for the help. I've dealt with many companies on the web, but yours has the best customer service record I've seen. I recommend you to everyone that needs a shopping cart."

Mark R.
NuShield, Inc.


"We really appreciate the great service you have provided, both with the shopping cart itself and your outstanding customer service. Of all our web service vendors, SecureNetShop is the ONLY one to be completely trouble-free."

Leland F., E-Commerce Mgr.
Empress Sea Food


"SecureNetShop is by far the BEST cart on the internet, and the ONLY cart we will use from now on. Our compliments to you for finally providing a painless shopping cart solution."

L. Latini, CEO
Compu-Eze Computer Services


"Hello, I just wanted you to know that after spending several weeks reviewing other shopping carts and trying to be totally professional for my clients and my own e-commerce business, I am thrilled with the ease and options that SecureNetShop offer. I have definitely chosen the right shopping cart system! And I'm picky! Your tech support is outstanding and as a Web Designer, you make me look good. I recently had to add products with lots of options and it was a piece of cake. I am also enjoying processing my orders, because it's so easy.

Thanks for your excellence!"

Jessica & Randy F.
Scented Boutique


"I just wanted to say thank you for developing a easy to use shopping cart software. It fits my needs perfectly (for jewelry sale) with its inventory control modules and thumbnail shopping cart images. I have yet to utilize all of the other promotional features like the coupons and volume discounting but I plan on using it in the very near future. All of my customers have told me that my site is well organized and very easy to navigate. But best of all was the price I had paid for the shopping cart and the credit card services. It keeps my overhead extremely low. I looked at other software solutions prior to coming across and the price for the software alone without credit card processing would pay for more than 2 years of your service. Its great to deal with a business like


Kelly E.
Halo Designs


"Thank you so much for your recent upgrades. We are truly impressed. Not only is your web cart the most user friendly shopping cart around, but your customer service is amazing! Our company prides itself on our customer service and appreciates the rare occasion when we work with a company that emphasizes customer satisfaction in a similar way. Any time we have ever contacted you via email or telephone, you have responded immediately. We look forward to continuing our professional relationship with your company. Your efforts are impressive and deserve to be acknowledged. Thank you."

Brian M.


"You all are great! This is positively the best shopping cart service I have ever used (and I have used many in the last 5 years).

Tereson D."
Mother of Eden


"Hi! We love the changes, especially the invoice options! Super Fantastic! We're so glad we have you to handle our ecommerce needs!! Keep up the good work!!"

Sarah W.
Wilk Enterprises


"You have left me a bit speechless. I did not expect such a quick answer, and one that addresses all of my concerns. This is amazing from a software company. My compliments to your staff. We've tried almost 30 shopping carts and none of them compare to SecureNetShop. We look forward to being your newest client.

Thank you again."

Rob H.


"I absolutely love this shopping cart technology! You guys are great!"

Chyneitha R.
Lewisham Burke Treasures


"Your tech support has far surpassed any I've ever come across in 10+ years online. I have 5-6 customers interested in having me set a shopping cart up for them. I had considered trying to persuade them to use an alternative means until I came across yours. From now on, you'll have all of my business!

Thanks again."

Bob L.
Virtual Host 2000


"There is a big smile on my face. This is the best shopping cart by far. It is so user friendly and the tech support is unsurpassed. I actually got replies back to my emails within the hour that answered my questions perfectly.

Thanks to all of you."

'Em are Leather


"We were looking for a shopping cart that was cost effective and did everything we wanted it to do. We are very selective of company's that make our website run.

Set up and maintenance of your shopping cart is so easy and effective.

I want to thank SecureNetShop for their dedication, high quality shopping cart product, and always helpful support."

Greg C., Owner


"Thank you for your assistance. I did not know that I would get this kind of service. I have found this program to be very easy for a first time shopping cart user. I feel great about my decision to use SecureNetShop. I am impressed!

Diane W."
Balanced For Health


"Thanks for the quick guys are doing a great job at tech support and I certainly like the ease of use of your web cart service....

Keep up the excellent work....."

Midwest Diecast Miniatures


"I wanted to tell you guys that I love SecureNetShop. It is the most easiest to use. All the other carts are difficult to use. Keep up the good work!!"

Dean S.


"This is the easiest shopping cart I've ever worked with as a vendor. Great job!"

Alan F.


"We are one of the earliest merchants using your shopping cart service back in 1998 and you are the best shopping cart service available on the net. Quick response, easy to use, no program to install. I can not say anything more than just a thank you."

Barara N.


"I would not think of changing from your service to another. I had a much more expensive shopping cart service in the past, and it was not as good, as flexible, nor as user friendly as yours. Believe me when I say that yours is the best I have found, and I have shopped around prior to choosing SecureNetShop.

Thank you for aggressively attending to my concerns. Your support has been proactive and prompt.

Best regards,
Ken W."
Katy Widger Hand Dyed Fabrics


"Wow! Thanks for the quick response! Apparently we made the right choice in going with you guys. I really appreciate a company that listens to its customers. Your service has allowed us to implement a very professional looking store front that fits in seamlessly our web site, and our orders have already increased in just over a week.

Thanks again.

Leslie L."
Pretzel Productions


"You guys are awesome! I am so pleased with your service. It was as simple as the info indicated it would be and takes care of everything. I had spent several days looking at shopping carts, running the demos, and looking at the administration side. The solution you chose of just handling the order time info rather than requiring a product database generation is elegant, and accomplishes everything that I need."

Bruce C.
Pocket Press


"I am totally impressed with the technical support you folks have provided. I have been a computer programmer nerdess for almost 20 years and have never experienced better or faster customer service.

Alicia Prince"
PrinceWebz Creative Design


"By the way I think that your company has great customer service! I am not kidding, it is really hard to find that in the realm of internet services. In fact we were originally with cartit for our shopping cart but were unable to get any communication from the company concerning tech problems and upgrades. I am glad that we have moved to you guys. Thanks so much for your help."

Jan Meerdink
The Russell Meerdink Company, Ltd.


"By the way, your cart is AWESOME! I wish I had made the investment a lot sooner, it's so versatile and user-friendly--what a great deal for my money!!!"

Heather A.
Breastfed Mom


"I just received your newsletter and thought it a great time to reply to say this: We have been with your company now for over a year. We have been MORE than satisfied with the exceptional and OUTSTANDING service and product. You have made our company have a very professional image online. The shopping cart system couldn't have been easier to set up and maintain. I could go on and on but I am sure you get the idea that we are very grateful for your company and all that you do to provide peace of mind and one less thing to worry about.

Great work guys and God bless"

Renae M.


"You guys (generically speaking, of course) are amazing!!!! Thank you so much!! I wouldn't be able to appreciate you so much if I hadn't run into one roadblock after another trying to get set up with another shopping cart. Too bad doesn't put SecureNetShop in bold, with asterisks, on their Partners page!

What a pleasure to work with people who REALLY have their act together."

Sue B.
Probe Ministries


"I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my web cart!! I just set it up, tested it out, and it works and looks great. I had used another service before that was so complicated for someone like me who knows nothing about HTML, that I never got it to work after hours and hours of trying. But yours was really simple and easy to set up, and your instructions were very clear...Thanks!

Rebecca Y."
Rebecca Yaffe Textile Design


"I just wanted to tell you that you are doing a good job. I've been real impressed with your customer service. It's refreshing because it seems like everywhere I go the customer service leaves as soon as they get my money. keep it up.

Jeremy R."


"Cool! I've been working with your shopping cart. I have to say it's the easiest and most versatile cart I've ever worked with. I looked at lots of carts before I recommended your service to them. I talked some of my clients out of selling online (most are small retail businesses) because I couldn't find a solution that met their (and my) needs. Your solution is perfect for "our" needs. Easy for me to implement, inexpensive for them, you met all our needs. Thanks!"

Alan S.


"Dear Madam or Sir: I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your product. I went through many shopping cart programs before yours. The ability for our customers to order fractional amounts of fabric is wonderful. It has been working seamlessly and again our deep appreciation."

Craig B.
International Fabric Collection


"As always, I am impressed by SNS. It's truly a pleasure doing business with a firm of your standards and ethics. We wish you much continued success."

Jeff W.


"After searching months for the right shopping cart for my site, I have to say I am 110% satisfied! Your solution is easy to use and packed with customer friendly functions. It is also refreshing to work with a provider that is always there to answer questions quickly. Combining your cart with your Merchant Account solution was one of the best decisions I have made.

SecureNetShop, you get an A+ for product and an A+ for customer service.

Many thanks!"

Nancy T.
Absolutely Golden


"I am a computer/technically challenged person, however, SNS has provided a product that is absolutely worth its weight in gold. So simple to use, and so much less expensive than having to pay a computer geek to do this for me. SNS is one reason I was able to get my business off the ground... Thanks again."

Pete M., President
The Better Best Man, Inc.


"I am a new user and I wanted to say that after 7 or 8 years of e-commerce experience and struggling with various online purchasing tools I have just six words for you:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Ed S.


"I am floored!! You folks have truly impressed me! I wanted to express my appreciation for the immediate response and consideration you guys have shown. You have a customer for life! =) And I am sure if you all keep up the good work that you'll be around when others have come and gone."

Ty C.
World of Products


"Awesome!! Finally, someone did something right!! I have been working with a variety of companies over the past few years and you all have made the process so easy. I am just beginning to integrate your shopping cart into my web site and it truly is a breeze!! Who can't cut and paste HTML code...This is great..."

Jeff S.
Spirituality For All


I am very appreciative of your prompt and professional response. Your "sample" and direction is very helpful and truth be known the first time I have ever received a complete and descriptive response from any developer. Your product is both versatile and powerful for not only the start-up entrepreneur but the seasoned professional as well. My highest compliments to you and your excellent staff.

The response provided by the members of SecureNetShop has rewritten the definition of "customer service" in this new age industry.

Thank you once again."

Mark G.
Mach Dynamics


"The ease with which I was able to set up the e-commerce functionality side of my website using your service exceeded my expectations. I have looked at just about every storefront solution on the market and found yours to be both very user-friendly and inclusive of every function I needed to make my customers shopping experience one that will keep them coming back again and again............not to mention the excellent support I have had from you whenever I had a query."

Barry B.
eNutrition South Africa


"Thank you very much. You have a wonderful shopping cart service, the best I've seen. I've recommended it to many in my business."

Alex R.
Webtech Ecommerce Solutions


"I have found that the merchant end of the internet is full of companies trying to get your business. Unfortunately, after you pay them, it is difficult, if not impossible, to get any sort of customer service. I would like to enthusiastically recommend SecureNetShop. They do everything possible to help under any circumstances and at any time. This includes the weekend. My e-mail messages were answered quickly with an easy to understand solution. They work through the problem until it is rectified."

Jim H.
Motorsports Parts & Accessories


"As a software support analyst myself, I recognize that your company has done an outstanding job on the design of this cart software. It is very easy to set it up and get it running. Also, since a lot of our customers are senior citizens who are new to computers, we are happy to report that they are able to use our shopping cart without any difficulties or complaints. Some are even using the more interesting options, such as "Print Order and pay by Mail" and the PayPal option.

We had looked at other shopping cart software extensively. Then we heard about yours in a forum, so we checked it out. Are we glad that we found your company!"

Joe P


"SecureNetShop was very easy to setup. It took me less than one day to get my shopping cart up and running on my site. Being able to just create HTML forms and not having to mess with running or programming CGI scripts is a definite plus. If you're looking for an easy to use, yet robust shopping cart system and don't want to spend hundreds of dollars, SecureNetShop is it!"

Matthew M.,
Moe's Computers


"Hello to all.. I would like to take the time out and say how easy it was in setting up SecureNetShop to work with my site. My site has over 300 products within the site, and I must say that I am GREATLY impressed with SecureNetShop. Very easy to customize to a format to the looks and feel of my site. I've looked at those other carts, and none can compare to SecureNetShop. You have a customer for life at Garretts Nutrition."

Dwayne Garrett
Garrett's Nutrition


"I just wanted to say how much I LOVE this shopping cart! I had to put it on my site quickly as I have in business for over a year and my daily visits and orders has been steadily growing. I plan to really sit down and carefully redesign my website with this easy to use shopping cart. I am so grateful to have found you!! The print-outs of orders I get look very professional. The shopping cart that my customers view looks equally as professional and I think further entice my customers to place their order. I have a very high opinion of your services thus far."

Lisa S.
Canine Kool Stuff


"I don't have very much computer experience, but I was able to set up and use your shopping cart with just minor instruction. It works fantastically! It is simple and best of all the people at SecureNetShop are very attentive and fast to help."

Carlos R.
The Coffee Connection